Rick Davies, Head Mangler at Tricky3 and CTO at Taylor Stitch

I work on Github every day and have developed a small internal app that publishes merged pull requests directly to Shopify. It allows me to develop for Shopify on iOS using Git2Go. This has been my dream forever. Reviewing code from my dev team, merging and publishing from anywhere.

Until I discovered Git2Go I struggled with mobile editors. It’s easy to integrate Textastic via the document provider, which lets me make changes effortlessly using an editor that supports over 80 languages. The integration really shines in split view on my iPad Pro as I can commit code without leaving the editor.

Pedro Lobo, SysAdmin/DevOps

As a DevOps Engineer, I find it essential to keep all our servers configuration files version controlled using Git and stored on our in-house GitLab Enterprise server. By allowing me to clone those repositories and make any needed alterations, Git2Go has given me the freedom to react to changes wherever I may be at any given moment.

Thanks to Git2Go, gone are the days where I need to be at my desk to change server configurations!

Daniel Riege, Student

Git2Go gives me the opportunity to develop even when I am not at home. I mostly use it to translate my app myKeychain. Usually this means switching the hardware keyboard on my computer. With my iPad Pro I can use the software keyboard by simply changing the language in the iOS Settings.

Translating my app on the iPad means I can trade time I would waste otherwise for making progress instead. Git2Go supports me doing that by bringing my version control workflow to the iPad.

Alexandre Vallières-Lagacé, Blogger at hipsterpixel.co

My goal as a Blogger for hipsterpixel.co was to develop a publishing workflow, that allows me to write wherever I am, whenever I want. Commuting to my day job means I have time in public transport which I can use for my blog. When I made the switch from Ghost to Jekyll in 2015 mobile publishing was on top of my list. Researching on how to clone git repositories and alter files on iOS, I noticed Git2Go.

Articles are written using 1Writer and saved in git. Git2Go makes publishing on my iPhone easy for me. It integrates perfectly in my existing workflow using features such as 1Writer actions and the Document Provider extension. I use Bitbucket with a webhook configured to be triggered when I push a new commit. That allows me to automatically build the site from source and upload the generated files to my server.

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