🎉 1.9.2 Update available with a twist

Today we released a new update for Git2Go and Git2Go Enterprise. While a minor version release does not seem that interesting this includes a few important changes:

What happens when influencers share your video

Two days ago we came across a playground by Steve Troughton-Smith, a well known App developer and active member of the jailbreaking community, which contained an app that lets you access the iOS file system.

Use Swift Playgrounds with Git2Go in iOS 10

Git2Go 1.9 was recently released featuring better support for UTTypes and bundles. Resulting in a better performance and accuracy when using the document provider extension. This adds the possibility to use Swift Playgrounds with Git2Go in iOS 10.

How to version control vector graphics from your iPad

If you are working as a designer or are a developer and do your own graphics you might use version control for it. Until now there weren’t any vector graphics apps like Sketch out for iOS but that changed on April 16, 2016.

Git for writing scientific papers and theses

I wish I had known about git and its opportunities while writing the final thesis for my university studies. When I wrote my final thesis a few years ago, I had heard about git but only in the context of saving different versions of code. So I never even considered it helpful in the matter of writing a scientific paper. Looking back, I know now that my life could have been so much easier in many ways.

How Git creates and handles merge conflicts

What is a merge conflict? What does actually happen when you run into a merge conflict? And how do you get rid of it? This blog post intends to answers all your questions and offers advice as well as in-depth Git knowledge.

How to manage your Podcast Show Notes with Git

While the first thing which comes to most people’s mind when they think of potential use cases for Git-based version control is probably code-related, there are actually some other cool situations in which you may want to consider using Git for organizing files. One rather unordinary one recently came to my mind and I’d like to share some insights with you regarding how I adopted a new workflow for another side project of mine.

Confessions of a Git Novice

Since the earliest days of being a Mobile Product Manager, I overheard terms like branch, merge and commit in developer discussions during which my role was much more the one of the ‘client’. But it wasn’t until I started to closely work with developers on my own side projects, when I truly tapped into the world of Git and version control in general.

Building an MVP

Launching an Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is not an easy task, nor does everyone understand what it means. The term is a synonym for half-backed products and tight deadlines but is in fact a nice tool to narrow down features and focus. We launched Git2Go as an MVP 5 months ago and this is how it came to be what it is today.

How Git2Go uses Git2Go to write Git2Go FAQ articles

Let’s admit it: managing and writing documentation or FAQ articles is the most boring thing on earth and as a small team of two it is too time consuming. Maybe one day we will have an intern program where people write a lot of FAQ articles but for now we are stuck with ourselves. So how to make it fun and get multiple purposes out of the task?


A couple of days ago we published our sales numbers from iTunes Connect and some usage data from Git2Go on Medium. We did this for information purposes and to prove our point that there is a market for productivity software out there. I am personally not a fan of keeping things behind closed doors. I think posts like these benefit the community and also inspire other developers to pursue their dream and build other useful apps.


Support can be the hardest and most cumbersome thing when launching an app. I launched some apps before without an integrated support system and got loads of emails which I had to respond to, for Git2Go we went another way.

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