Two days ago we came across a playground by Steve Troughton-Smith, a well known App developer and active member of the jailbreaking community, which contained an app that lets you access the iOS file system.

We saw the tweet and thought β€œIt would be cool if people interested in this Swift Playground Book could clone it directly on their iPad and play with it”. So we made a video, which we uploaded then to Twitter:

Of course we hoped to get a retweet from him showing how easy it was to check out this playground on an iPad. Instead we got a retweet and a quote:

Thanks to his over 31k followers, 10 times more than we have, we got a total of 101 Likes and 23 Retweets which resulted in 9231 impressions, 675 interactions, 313 media playbacks. These social interactions resulted in 145 downloads and $234 in sales. We were also able to get 21 new followers on our Git2Go Twitter account (hooray πŸŽ‰).

You can find the playground on GitHub and the newly released Swift Playgrounds by Apple on the App Store.

We are very grateful for the retweet and the quote, so more people can experience the power of mobile productivity on their iOS devices.